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New Industrial Batteries, Chargers and More

At DC Power, our goal is to be your single-source solution for all your battery needs! Since 1990, our company has provided our customers with industrial batteries and chargers of all shapes and sizes, ensuring the area is set up with reliable batteries and chargers to operate their businesses. We provide only the best quality batteries, no matter your business size or financial situation. And since our batteries work with most chargers, we save you the time and money it takes to buy and learn to use a specialized system.

Reliable Battery Solutions

We are proud to offer the industry’s broadest range of batteries by leading brands, such as Battery Builders, for customized top-of-the-line motive power solutions. Our new industrial batteries use deep cycling, horizontal and vertical retention mats, and sleeve separators for extra protection against shedding, breakdown, and electrical accidents. We put more into our deep cycle batteries so that you can get more out of them! With better performance comes better productivity and less maintenance! Our new industrial batteries can be tailored to fit any pallet system and every vehicle from a large forklift to a compact delivery truck. Our thirteen-wire grid ensures you’ll never be stuck in a position where you lose a connection mid-charge or have to work with a partially charged battery.

Need to replace your old forklift battery? Choose DC Power today! Without a quality battery, you’ll have to replace your forklift battery sooner than expected. Save money and invest in a superior battery that will last you for the long haul. We’ll help you choose from our wide selection of new forklift batteries, ensuring correct pairing so you can get the most out of your battery. Our new industrial batteries are sure to provide the necessary power you need for your forklifts.

New Industrial Batteries for All Your Power Needs

Replacing your industrial batteries is an essential investment in your equipment. Selecting the right battery for your application ensures your equipment will be running without interruption, and the correct pairing can guarantee a longer battery life. Our technicians are highly knowledgeable when it comes to battery solutions and will make sure you have a new industrial battery you can rely on. Our in-shop service department provides battery testing and evaluations, battery refurbishment, custom-made batteries, as well as a complete battery rental fleet.

The Area’s Industrial Power Solutions Dealer